We have been considering having an annual Nor-Cal Select Online Auction for awhile now.

The horses would be available for online bidding at the Auction website a week or two before the show and ending during the show. The Horses would become viewable on the auction site as they are entered.

If you beleive this would be benificial or would like to comment please contact us.

The auction would have two types/groups of entry to better serve your needs.
  • The “With Reserve Group” - these should have higher quality horses that should have a higher demand and command a higher price. Sellers in this group have the right to place a reserve price.
  • The “No Reserve Group” - this group may have very high quality horses where the owner believes the horse does not need a reserve, and it may also have horses that may bring a lower price, mainly brood mares and young, untrained or general riding horses. Please note that these horses must sell ‘absolute’ (no reserve) after an opening bid of not less than $300 or Minimum amount set by Owner.

The Nor-Cal Select Auction reserves the right to cancel the auction at anytime (refer to consignment agreement).

Auction Documents:

Auction Overview Letter
Consignment Instructions

Consignment Forms:

With Reserve
No Reserve


Consignment Information:

Show Manager:
 Rik Harnden
    (530) 677-8414